Events in Brasov

PentaBAR #23 // How to Choose the Right Technical eCommerce Strategy?

Join Pentalog’s Brasov PentaBAR #23 October 5th to learn more about eCommerce solutions. Andrei, Technical Expert and Software Architect, has an extensive experience in web and mobile technologies: he provides technical solutions ranging from web architecture design, B2C / B2B E-commerce platform management and UI improvement, to mobile development and Big Data management (distibuted messaging […]

Meetup Brasov // Adding Docker in your Continuous Integration Pipeline

All Docker enthusiasts are welcome to join our next tech meetup in Brasov, September 7th, when we’ll talk about Adding Docker in your Continuous Integration Pipeline. So, prepare yourselves for a two-hour presentation on how to build a Nod.JS / Java / PHP etc with Docker. Bring your laptops in order to be able to […]

PentaBAR #22 // The State of .NET

PentaBAR #22 // The State of .NET

Jul 26, 2017  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

If you ever thought about the current and future development of the .NET ecosystem, you should participate at out PentaBAR # 22 event in Brasov. You’ll have the chance to meet Tiberiu Covaci, Microsoft Regional Director, who will be our guest and speaker. So, prepare yourself for a two-hour interactive session about where .NET is […]

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