Events in Brasov

PentaBAR #21 Brasov // How to shift Right with Visual Studio Team Services

We invite you to a technical talk about Visual Studio Team Services on our next PentaBAR event in Brasov, June 22nd. Radu, senior .NET consultant, the speaker of PentaBAR #21 Brasov, will give you an overview of the services that are currently available, who can use those and how they can be used. Visual Studio […]

PentaBAR #20 Brasov // VR and the immersive Web // Bringing data to life with D3.js

We prepared two interesting topics for our next PentaBAR #20 event in Brasov, skeduled for June 15th, at the same address: Garii Boulevard, no. 13 A, the 9th floor. 1. Virtual Reality and the Immersive Web – it’s a presentation about the future of interaction with consumers. If you want to learn to create Virtual […]

PentaBar #19 Brasov // Software quality in Agile projects

PentaBar #19 Brasov // Software quality in Agile projects

May 18, 2017  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

Agile is a trendy topic these days. That’s why we thought to give you something extra: a debate on quality in Agile projects. Two of Pentalog’s Brasov most experienced QA Scrum Masters, Sabin and Ecaterina, will share their knowledge about using bug reports as key process indicators and how testing, as a process, has developed […]

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