Events in Brasov

PentaBAR #10 // Microservices: contracts & communication

PentaBAR #10 // Microservices: contracts & communication

Nov 03, 2016  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

We will celebrate our 10th #Pentabar by inviting a very special guest from Pentalog Chisinau, Pavel, a professional backend developer, specialized in Python/NodeJS/MongoDB stack. His presentation will start from Domain Driven Design and he will move on to talk about the effect that cross team communication has on the development of context bounded microservices. As […]

Spooky Halloween at Pentalog

Spooky Halloween at Pentalog

Oct 31, 2016  18:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar

As we never miss a chance to party, on October 31st, every Pentalog office will be hosting a Halloween Party! Practise your Ninja skills, gather your team and Master your Pumpkin! Bystanders, you can still get involved: just bring your ghosts, cats and brooms and let’s carve out some good times!

PentaBAR #9 // Web App security – broken authentication and session management

This week’s PentaBAR meetup in Brasov will focus on a topic that concerns each and every computer user: application functions related to authentication and session management. How should they be implemented so that we can rest assured that keys, passwords and session tokens will not be broken and users’ identities will not be stolen? As […]

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