Events in Brasov

Volunteering Opportunities for Geeky Citizens | Meetup by Pentalog Brasov

Developers, testers, marketers, business analysts, designers, managers: we all play different (geeky) roles within the companies we work for, but above all we are citizens and members of our communities. If we want to improve our present and build a better future, we need to be more involved and take advantage of as many volunteering […]

Conflict Management Strategies | Tech Meetup by Pentalog Brasov

We have a lot to learn from conflict if we see it as an opportunity for learning, connecting and insight. Our choices tell a story about how we approach conflicts and how successful we probably are in solving the conflicts around us. In this PentaBAR we will explore: why conflicts matter the good, the bad […]

Challenges of a Modern CTO in a Changing World | Pentalog Brasov

Join us for a new PentaBAR event in Brasov to meet the CTO of the future! Our guest is Michael Cohen, Chief Technology Officer at Trace One, one of Pentalog’s reputed clients. He will discuss about the challenges of the modern CTO in a changing world & the multiple roles the CTO must undertake. The […]

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