An IT hub for embedded systems, Business Intelligence and business analysis specialists

Dynamic projects call in specialists of all expertise levels to join forces and solve the puzzle of each IT challenge. Our portfolio includes a variety of technical solutions successfully delivered by our teams, ranging from highly technical multimedia and hardware oriented projects designed for major players on the telecom market, to the more economics oriented Business Intelligence and business analysis projects developed for important financial institutions. For passionate .NET developers or the more eccentric Ruby and Python enthusiasts, interesting projects in various fields like media communication, digital marketing, document management or e-learning are waiting to be dealt with by a skillful mind.The Bucharest team is a young, enthusiastic group of Pentaguys, with high-level technical and functional skills, who will never say no to the challenges of a new project. Both junior and more experienced software engineers have found a common ground to work on, motivating one another to achieve success and deliver high quality solutions.

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