1-2-3.tv is the first German multi-channel auction website (teleshopping, e-Commerce and e-mail sales). Launched in 2004, the site now has over 1 million clients.

6 000 products are sold via 24/7 reverse auctions through the website and 20 hours of TV broadcasting of which 8 hours are live from 18:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. One of the greatest achievements of the 1-2-3.tv website was a dietary supplement with 2 000 items sold in 18 minutes.


The Pentalog team, consisting of 2 people at our delivery center in Chisinau, was an extension of our client’s team. They were permanently connected to the 1-2-3.tv servers in Munich and provided corrective maintenance and upgrades:

  • on the 1-2-3.tv website
  • on the customer relationship management tool (a CRM system developed in-house)
  • on the intranet


1-2-3.tv entrusted this mission to Pentalog based on:

  • our ability to quickly find development resources
  • our project management experience
  • our technical expertise in the technologies used by the client

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