Aktan is a French service provider in the field of service innovation, assisting companies in the industrialization of their service innovation activities. Their consulting and engineering service offer consists in:

  • Developing service innovation projects for companies and enabling transformation through service innovation
  • Developing digital collaborative platforms dedicated to service design
  • Developing venues and labs dedicated to innovation
  • R&D service projects


Since 2015, a 4-developer Pentalog team has been working on a service design platform meant to be the first choice digital toolbox for service designers, in collaboration with the client’s development and design teams. The platform allows customers to manage their team and projects, create storyboards, build personas, service blueprints and integrate real usage data from users, overview their projects and visualize key metrics. The features include:

  • modular and responsive front-end
  • a real-time, multi-user and multi-device collaborative solution
  • an open platform with API’s to build on
  • a big data-oriented architecture with graph databases
  • an intelligent platform that uses semantic analysis to aid the user


  • close collaboration between Pentalog and the client, reinforced by coworking sessions
  • good communication using innovative tools and virtual digital rooms
  • user-driven product development approach
  • high technical level of the Pentalog engineers with a constantly increasing functional knowledge

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