Our customer is a solution and service provider for the distribution of interactive TV and video on demand (VoD) on different equipment (TV, computers, mobile phones). With more than 300 installations in 50 countries, millions of users and 10,000 TV live channels, the company has proven its capacities and experience in providing advanced turnkey video solutions to the hotel market and end-to-end infrastructure solutions to service providers.

Our client operates mainly in the hotel industry, the hospital sector, for telecommunication operators (live TV, triple pay) and television channels (broadcaster).


The project objective consists in testing the smooth operation of the client’s software and hardware prototypes which indicates us the tools and methods to use, as well as in validating the smooth operation and the compatibility level between the client’s already marketed products and the last set-top-box adjustments and those of the end users’ equipment.

The project scope includes:

  • test specification activities: writing new test cases, updating the existing test cases
  • testing activities: running tests (manual tests, performance, automate tests)
  • test script development: automation of already stable scenario tests

At the end of 2009, the project began with a one-month mission carried out by the Pentalog’s project manager at the customer’s offices in France. During this period, he was trained on the use of the client’s products and technologies and he defined the outlines of the organization of tests. In January 2010, after returning to Vietnam, the Pentalog project manager trained the testers and managed the implementation of the testing platform.

Currently, the project is organized by a dedicated team. To meet the client’s demand, each version of the software or hardware product is tested on a weekly basis by using the project specific tools, firmwares and methods. The communication between the Pentalog Vietnam and the client’s testing teams is in English (except for the direct communication between the project manager and the client).

All test cases are integrated into the Testlink tool. The manual tests are updated by new cases when dealing with a new firmware version. Tests are run via the equipment loaned or purchased by the client.


Our client benefited from Pentalog’s experience in high-tech product testing: a Pentalog consultant who has a vast experience in this field visited the client in France for a week in order to help define the organization of tests.

The project director, project manager and the client attend regular follow-up meetings in order to ensure a common visibility and the smooth operation of the project.

SLA application and the agility approach to work processes are producing satisfactory results. The collaboration between the team and the client becomes more and more efficient, which helps to reduce the distance between the client and the offshore team.

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