Kalios is the publisher of KaliosTest, an integrated software testing platform from design to manual and automated tests. In manual mode, KaliosTest is used for application graphical mapping, test case generation and configuration, manual execution and related reporting. As far as the automation part is concerned, the platform integrates a specific, simple and fast mapping tool based on Selenium, the popular open-source automation test tool for web-based software.


Pentalog’s nearshore teams located in Romania and the Republic of Moldova have carried out various projects for Kalios over a period of 3 years:

  • implementation of a tool for the graphic conceptualization of test scenarios, in order to improve communication among testers
  • development of a web parser for the identification and backup of objects contained in the web pages of a given application
  • development of 3 simple test support applications (Web, iOS, Android) for POCs and development of KaliosTest in these 3 environments
  • POCs to prove the feasability of the mobile application developments planned for KaliosTest using Appium


  • a highly involved client, attentive to each specification detail and always ready to explain to the teams its vision on future developments
  • a dedicated team with permanent follow-up of the spent vs. planned budget
  • very committed and self-willed experts
  • rapid and efficient validation that allowed the team to quickly close each topic before starting the next-one

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