Ocea Smart Building (Suez Environnement Group) consists of a structure dedicated to the information system publishing and of a branch office specializing in auditing organizations and operating costs. Ocea Smart Building bases their activity on an experience of more than 25 years in real estate operating business. This know-how, combined with the development of dedicated steering and management systems, enables our client to provide genuine tools for decision support aimed at the economic and environmental promoting of real estate. They cope with industrial, commercial as well as residential properties, both public and private.


Continuing the complete IFY and BPMS solutions developed by Pentalog teams, Ocea Smart Building has also set up a dedicated team of 6 people for creating the mobile applications allowing the access to the data managed within Web applications.

A first version was made with iOS in order to be used for iPhone, then we developed a version for iPad. The application was later ported to Android mobile phones, then gradually to Android tablets. These applications are now equivalent and evolve in parallel, following some of the new features of the IFY and BPMS web applications.

These mobile applications (regardless of the terminal) run asynchronously, meaning that they display the data they have at a given time and when an update is requested, they are returned on the mobile terminal of the OFY and BPMS solutions.

The application was designed as a kind of CMS in order to allow the client, without any further development, to modify the available content and to display additional data according to the logged-in user user. These applications are developed by a dedicated team, following the Agile methodology, with iterations of 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of each iteration, a delivery is made and the specifications for the next version are written.


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