OtoSense Inc. is a US-based startup company that develops and sells mobile applications and related products designed to improve the security and independence of people with hearing loss.

Their goal is to become the leader of sound source identification solutions. This industry is growing fast: there is an increasing number of people with hearing loss, and an increasing number of people using mobile applications.


The first product is called OtoSense, bassed on a technology called SIR, for Sound Intelligent Recognition. OtoSense is an application running on various mobile platforms. It records and analyses background sounds and sends notifications to its user if any noticeable sound is recognized (fire alarm, doorbell, etc.). It also allows the user to record specific sounds he wants to be noticed about. The product’s specific user interface is adapted to people who might as well suffer from visual disorders. OtoSense is an innovative solution, far more efficient and less expensive than the preceding systems.

Pentalog set up a dedicated team of 5 engineers based in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) to support the development of the solution. They first worked on the improvement of the first prototype and then took over the development of the iOS and Android versions of the application, and its connection with the Pebble smart watch.

The client’s next project consists in a global sound identification search engine.


  • high level of flexibility and efficiency due to the Scrum organization, managed by a senior Scrum Master (4h/day)
  • proactive team proposing a lot of improvements to our client
  • team including a senior developer with a strong background in recognition algorithms

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