Rue de la Paye is a leading French company founded in 2000 that offers payroll outsourcing services and consulting on successful payroll management. Their cloud-based collaborative workspace with a user-friendly interface is focused on low cost payroll and HR services aimed at simplifying procedures and improving information flows.

Rue de la Paye handles all the payroll requirements of its clients, provides tailored HR services and helps them keeping up-to-date with all legislation changes.


Following an audit of their Information System, Rue de la Paye decided to re-implemented it with three main objectives:

  • increasing the stability of the production platform
  • making it scalable and possible to be offered as a Cloud solution: Software as a Service
  • bringing the applications up-to-date, using more recent technologies

The current Information system used by Rue de la Paye mainly consists of:

  • the front-office application used directly by the clients (or via accounting firms) in order to introduce financial information
  • the back-office application used by the Rue de la Paye internal team (payroll manager, sales persons, billing department, etc.)
  • the QuadraPaye software used to process payroll information and prepare the documents requested according to legislation


  • A technical audit was performed before the kick-off of the collaboration. As a result, an efficient action plan is followed during the Information System re-implementation.
  • The Pentalog team is present both on Rue de la Paye premises and remotely (Chisinau Delivery Center) and helpdesk support has been provided by Pentalog during a few months on Rue de la Paye premises in Bucharest.
  • The Agile project methodology (SCRUM) perfectly suits the evolving context of the project.
  • All the team members have very good and diverse technical skills (PHP / Java / C++).

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