Boston-based software editor, our client, the Sharalike company, has recently launched the online platform, a very simple and quick web solution for photo and video smartshows with background music.

sharalike-smart-selection After having transferred its photos to the platform, the tool regroups them according to their similarities and chooses the best one from a group for final editing, which will be done according to the selected music tempo. Unlike its competitors, the Sharalike solution is able to select the photos to be included in the final film by itself. Sharalike sets itself apart from its competitors thanks to its patented technology which generates and shares in no time a film resulting from photo editing. In less than 3 minutes, a user can make a video montage with several hundreds of photos without duplicates.


Based on the recommendation from another software publisher client of ours, Sharalike has resorted to Pentalog for the study and development of its Sharalike solution.

The project started in 2012 with the first consulting mission led by Pentalog Institute aiming at creating a POC (Proof Of Concept) and defining the architecture of the solution.

At the end of this preliminary stage, our client has naturally entrusted the development of the platform to the Pentalog team consisting of 4 collaborators (1 Scrum Master and 3 developers) and working as an extension of the Sharalike team from our Delivery Center located in Iasi, Romania.

This project has been developed in Scrum mode, in short cycles, enabling the quick re-orientation of the developments for achieving the highest business value in case of need. In fact, the objective consisted in the possibility to release a beta version ready-to-use within 4 months. After a validation phase on the local environments, the team transmits the deliverables to the production engineer for deployment on the virtual machines in the Cloud Amazon EC2 for acceptance and production.

The Pentalog team is currently continuing its mission regarding the upgrades maintenance and development of the Sharalike platform.


  • technical expertise, especially in Cloud issues
  • ability to quickly build a high-quality development team

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