Soluti is an IT services company specializing in consulting and support, project development and Cloud computing.

Founded in 2013, our customer has helped small and medium-sized businesses with their IT projects, considering information technology as a fundamental part of company performance: collaboration, productivity, steering, etc.


Since October 2013, the Pentalog dedicated team made up of 6 persons has provided Soluti with the following services:

  • Making available and supervising a Virtual Private Cloud.
  • Corrective and evolutive maintenance of the (front and back office) website. It is a generalist merchant website offering a wide range of products (high-tech, household appliances, travels, ticketing, etc…) to the employees of the subscribers to this service (several tens of thousands). This site relies on the DRUPAL framework.
  • Developing a marketplace in the luxury furniture industry based on the Prestashop technology, including various customization possibilities such as a specific design adapted to the luxury industry and an online payment system.
  • Maintaining an IT center (approximately 40 websites) developed in WordPress.
  • Developing a business management system specific to business computer animation in the sales area based on Symfony 2. This system is the first batch that represents the first step towards a specialized ERP in this field.

The Pentalog team works in our Chisinau Delivery Center according to the Agile/SCRUM methodology.


Besides the economic model proposed by Pentalog, the other success key factors of the different projects entrusted to us by Soluti are as follows:

  • The availability and high-level skills of the Chisinau team
  • The organization of the Pentalog teams and processes, that are specifically adapted to a newly created company such as our customer
  • Client support
  • Agility and ease in finding resources for the new client projects on different technologies

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