Events in Cluj

PentaBAR #4 Cluj // The Sweat and Tears of Becoming an Agile Company

Are you curios about what it means to become an Agile company? Do you want to learn to balance fast action and rapid change, on the one hand, with organizational clarity, stability and structure, on the other? PentaBAR #4 #Cluj is the place to be in order to get your questions answered. Three experienced Agile […]

PENTABAR # 3 IN CLUJ // Why do we hate Scrum Masters?

PENTABAR # 3 IN CLUJ // Why do we hate Scrum Masters?

May 11, 2017  18:45
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar

PentaBAR returns in Cluj with a challenging debate about the role and the purpose of the Scrum Master inside the development team. We won’t be able to find the best answer to all the questions but nothing can stop us from trying. Gabi, the speaker of this PentaBAR’s edition, is not only a passionate Scrum […]

Marketing Automation Webinar

Marketing Automation Webinar

Apr 26, 2017  12:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar

What is this voodoo magic that makes it possible to send thousands of messages at the click of a button? It’s called marketing automation, a relatively new term for marketers, even for millennials. It’s the software and technology that enables businesses to set up communications across multiple channels as a means to generate leads, increase […]

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