Madness of Failure | PentaBAR Iasi

Nov 22, 2018  18:30
Iasi | Webinar


“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams

If you always look at the bright side of failure and try to turn it into a success on every occasion, this event is for you.

We’ll be sharing real-life experiences about how failure can teach you to:

  • Keep your thirst for knowledge & improvement alive and approach it with modesty
  • Fight your fears and come up with solutions to get back on track faster
  • Find your inspiration, be more creative and add a bit of brightness and color whenever outcomes seem to be dark
  • Be better leaders and mentors

About the speaker:

Cristian is the Delivery Center Manager of Pentalog Iasi. He joined Pentalog in 2009, when he was recruited to coordinate a project for a leading French company in the media sector. He also managed two of the most important e-Commerce projects Pentalog has ever worked on.

Cristian’s main focus has always revolved around building strong teams and leading successful projects. In December 2012, he took over the management of Pentalog’s Delivery Center in Iasi, investing all his skills and passion into providing his team challenging projects, opportunities to grow and a sense of community.

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