Augmenting Reality with JavaScript – Chapter 1 | Pentalog Bucharest

Aug 29, 2019  18:15
Bucuresti | Webinar

PENTALOG_PentaBar#09Bucharest_EventROPagePicture_EN_01_879x374pxIf a picture is worth a billion words, then how worthy is an interactive 3D converted odyssey? Augmented and Virtual Realities have simply become an invisible bridge between a so-called “visible” truth. Yet, they are inverse mirrors of each other in terms of objectives and user delivery.For a digital recreation meant to restrict the limits between genuine reality, 3D created, and the mixed one, Chapter 1 is mandatory to be skimmed over, with a focus on:
    – Introduction to Augmented Reality;
    – Rendering 3D Content to the Web;
    – A-frame, VR for the People;
    – 10′ Live Coding Bonus.
Deeply dived into JavaScript and its endless possibilities, Alex has prepared an interactive speech accompanied by a practical fusion between realities, based on his full-stack development knowledge and largely animated creative vision. Digital adventures has never been clearer, richer and rewarding!

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