Behind the Technical Scenes of Technical Audits | Pentalog Iasi

Jul 04, 2019  18:15
Iasi | Webinar


Growth is also generated by an accurate tracking of failures, potential malpractices, opportunity assessment, risk management, followed by a re-prioritization of meaningful actions.

Plan for the future and anticipate now how to create a real auditing culture by following the next steps in our agenda:

1. The types of technical audits and where these fit better;

2. The structure of a technical audit process;

3. The parts of the project that are audited;

4. Tools to use and metrics to check.

Dan is one of Pentalog’s technical wizards in terms of solution architecture, consultancy, leadership, and mentoring. He also crafts our company’s performance in compliance with the latest methodology and directs the activity of around 700 members included in the RoPython Meetups located in Bucharest and Iasi.

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