Building the Right Product: When Managers Become Product Owners | Pentalog Cluj

Jun 20, 2019  18:15
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar


For a respectable and Agile-coordinated company, a Project Manager may be defined as a job whereas the Product Owner is labeled as a role played in a Scrum-based team. But how to cope with the organizational climate changes? Which is the secrecy to the symbiosis of good practices embedded in a healthy long-term vision? How to identify the most appropriate strategical goals as a Product Owner in close collaboration with a strong team and a range of stakeholders?

    Among the ingredients of a safely designed product envisioned as a transaction from management to ownership the following are worth mentioning:

    – a mindset shift;
    – soft skills orientation;
    – value delivery to the client.

Calin, one of Pentalog’s pioneers in Product Ownership, Scrum Mastery and Product Management, is the empowered voice to single out the transition from a Project Manager to a Product Owner. He transparently approaches the path to valuable product stories, constructing them together with his cross-functional team, within a modern business architecture.


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