Coaching: Beyond Trends | Pentalog Cluj

Feb 27, 2019  18:00
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar


Coaching and mentoring are processes that enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential. Nevertheless, some people still think that coaching is just a fad subjected to trends and not a benefit or even a necessity in some particular cases.

What do you think about it? Would you be interested in learning more about coaching?

Join our PentaBAR event for that! Alina Ioana Pop, Solution Focused Coach, will be the host of this session and she will tackle the following:

  • What is good coaching
  • When and why you should call in a coach
  • How do you choose the most appropriate coach for you or your organization
  • What to expect once you enroll in a coaching process

Here are some takeaways:

  • You will learn to use a tool to help you focus
  • At the end of this session you will know several methods for changing perspectives – this can lead to obtaining some ”wow” results, not necessarily expected but nice and useful to have
  • You will find out about a method that is easy to use whenever you need to make a decision

Did we stir you up already?

If you have questions or curiosities, Alina will be more than happy to start a debate. Just like a coaching session, when you don’t really know what to expect, during this PentaBAR event, we’ll have the freedom to share ideas, examples and receive all the new information with an open mind.

The purpose of this event is for you to understand the role of a coach in your life. While some want to discover more about themselves in order to choose the appropriate career, others seek to maximize their potential or achieve greater balance with their work and home lives. In any case, talking to a coach may open new perspectives.

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