Afterwork Chisinau // Cypress at Its Finest

Jan 16, 2020  6:15 PM
Chisinau | Webinar| Posted by admin

meetup chisinau cypressAre you looking to improve your automation skills and want more than Selenium can offer? It’s time to join the cutting-edge wave of the next generation front end testing tool built for the modern web.Cypress is the new cool kid in town that manages to surpass the old style of quality automation.

The agenda focuses on:

  • Cypress – history, why it came up to this
  • How Cypress works
  • What Cypress wants to solve
  • Waits – everyone knows it very well when it comes to UI automation
  • Reports
  • Continuous Delivery with GitLab.
  • Combining Browsers for screenshots
  • Cross-browsers
  • Continuous Integration
The speaker is Andrei Clim, a talented Software Automation Engineer that is always looking to ensure high quality code and who responsibly masters the role of Technical Lead at Pentalog.
Come to discover an open-source ecosystem that aims to make testing enjoyable and learn how to write faster, easier and more reliable tests. The most relaxed learning experience you can have on a Thursday evening!

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