Digital Radio Talks // Meetup Chisinau

Nov 29, 2018  18:45
Chisinau | Webinar


On 29th November, join our meetup dedicated to “Digital Radio Talks”. We’ll host two presentations during the same event:

  1. 1. [ Remote equipment control in Amateur homemade radio ] by Dmitrii S.

  2. One of the most critical factors in radio equipment is fault tolerance and high availability. Here comes the on-time maintenance which is easy and cheaper to perfom remotely. In this presentation, we’ll speak about the hardware / software that help us achieve this goal.

    We’ll present the practical homemade hardware and explain from scratch how it works and how to start your own project.

  3. 2. [ Evolution of DMR network in Moldova, milestones ] by Maxim G.

In April 2018 we started to build a nationwide DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) network in Moldova. We’ll speak about the current state of this project, the problems we faced and what our next planned steps are.

The most interesting part is the homemade radioelectronic equipment that we managed to build. We are now excited to demonstrate it to you and share our knowledge.

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