ECMAScript Versions: “One Does Not Simply Write Beautiful JavaScript!” | Pentalog Cluj

Dec 05, 2019  18:45
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar

 There is a change of game in the JavaScript programming. New features were released, template strings formed, destructuring involved, and promises made. But how much of this is still syntactic sugar?

At Pentalog Cluj, we will find out to which extent ECMAScript standards make a developer’s life easier:

* ES6 (2015): Imports, string literals, ‘let’ and ‘const’, classes, array functions (map, forEach, filter), arrow functions, object literals, destructuring, function generators, and one of the most important “Promises”.

*ES7 (2016): only 2 here, array includes and exponentiation operator.

*ES8 (2017): async functions, Object methods (values, entries) and other minor features.

*ES9 (2018): regex changes, spread operator, Promise.finally.

*ES10 (2019): Array, Object and string new functions, optional catch parameter, new type.

Adrian Tudor has started writing his own valuable code as a front-end developer a long time ago, trying to craft the Agile digital environment with his JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS revolutionary practice.  

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