PentaBAR #27 Brasov // The Gist of Angular 5

Jan 18, 2018  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

event PentaBAR 27 Brasov Angular 5

The first PentaBAR of 2018 will be dedicated to the gist of Angular 5 and will be held in Brasov. With the help of Gabriel Nechita, web developer and versatile geek, we will learn what makes Angular a useful framework for enterprise apps, learn about the overall architecture, what’s the state of the Angular ecosystem (tools, 3rd party solutions etc) & many other things:

  • Composition (Component driven web development)
  • Unidirectional Dataflow (the flow of information in Angular)
  • Declarative vs Imperative Code
  • Syntax showcase
  • TypeScript
  • Angular Ecosystem
  • Learning Resources

Join us! The bar will be open! Please book your seat.

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