At the intersection of the startup and the outsourcing worlds

Aug 10, 2017  18:45
Chisinau | Webinar

Event At the intersection of the startup and outsourcing worlds meetup Pentalog Chisinau

Interested in learning about the differences between being a typical outsourcing company employee and startup – and the ways you can combine both of them?

Join Pentalog’s meetup in Chisinau by booking your seat and please feill in the following:

The agenda:

  • 18h45: Welcome & networking
  • 19h00: Employee or startup founder? Speaker: Nicoleta D.
  • 19:30: Why would an outsourcing company work with startups? Vasile P.
  • 20:00 Networking, beer and snacks.

The meetup is open and free for everybody.

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