PentaBAR #23 // How to Choose the Right Technical eCommerce Strategy?

Oct 05, 2017  18:30
Brasov | Webinar

PentaBAR #23 Brasov - How to choose the right technical eCommerce strategy?

Join Pentalog’s Brasov PentaBAR #23 October 5th to learn more about eCommerce solutions.

Andrei, Technical Expert and Software Architect, has an extensive experience in web and mobile technologies: he provides technical solutions ranging from web architecture design, B2C / B2B E-commerce platform management and UI improvement, to mobile development and Big Data management (distibuted messaging systems, distributed file systems, Mapreduce).

Join us and register in order to book your seat. As always, we offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at our PentaBAR events. We encourage networking and drinking beer responsibly.

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