From Product Roadmap to Happy Stakeholders

Aug 22, 2019  19:00
Chisinau | Webinar

PENTALOG_MeetupChisinau_HappyStakeholders_EventROPage_879x374px_EN_01 The Product Roadmap is all about the mission, strategic vision and pre-planning. In other words, the “why”. In Agile organizations, the Product Roadmap implies constant update in order to ensure the perfect alignment with stakeholders’ inputs and the team’s coordination into the right direction.

Long and short-term goals seem to be locked in deliverables but the truth is that in the Agile philosophy, re-prioritization has to be framed into the team’s mindset. Below you’ll find the main ideas included in this event’s agenda:
    • the definition of Product Roadmap;
    • Product Roadmap designers;
    • designing reasons and tools;
    • optimization and communication strategies;
    • a Q & A session.

Andreea and Catalina are two young female specialists helping you getting a clearer vision of Product Roadmap. Andreea is an Agile practitioner, Design Thinking enthusiast, Lean service advocate and product-oriented professional. She is an experienced Product Owner, with a solid background in QA and Project Management.

Catalina is also an Agile practitioner, product-oriented specialist and business and customer-focused Coach. She built her career as a Product Owner gaining experience in various software projects. She currently deals with designing healthy and autonomous teams.

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