PentaBAR #56 // From Redux to Hooks and Context: A Case Study

Jan 30, 2020  6:15 PM
Brasov | Webinar| Posted by admin

pentabar Redux to Hooks and Context
We are starting off the year right with a PentaBAR designed for the FrontEnd community. Bogdan B., our colleague, has prepared a mind-blowing presentation for the React lovers or other JavaScript frameworks fanatics, beginners or experienced.

The agenda focuses on:

  • React Hooks introduction
  • Class Components vs. Hooks
  • Study case: migration from Class Component to Hooks

About the speaker:

Senior in his professional experience, but young at spirit, Bogdan B. started his journey in programming with C#, PHP & JavaScript. The latest hooked him. The power of this language, the simplicity, the flexibility made him explore all its frameworks/libraries. It was love at first component for Bogdan and React. He studied all the docs, he walked through all the tutorials, he learned as much as he could, he started teaching others in our PentaStagiu trainings or inside Pentalog’s internal communities. Bogdan is not an ordinary programmer, he’s an inspiration.

Join us for a relaxed learning experience!

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