From SQL to NoSQL in 2 Simple Steps // PentaBAR Iasi

Nov 01, 2018  18:00
Iasi | Webinar


On November the 1st, we’ll host a PentaBAR event in Iasi to learn how to move to a non-transactional storage engine by using already existing tools and some minor code tweaks (by using microservices).

This event is dedicated to all the people interested in seeing a complex “theoretical” change from transactional databases to MongoDB.

The event will have two parts:

  • In the first one we will learn more about database migration: Moving from MySQL to Mongo in 2 simple steps – Mongify;
  • The second part is dedicated to real case scenario.

The host of this PentaBAR event is Cosmin, Project Manager at Pentalog, with an open eye for new and fancy ways of “connecting the dots”. Cosmin will show you how to move your data without worrying too much about the results, from a sql database, to MongoDB. Mongify at its best!

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