Growth Hacking in Real Life – Beyond the Sexy Word | Pentalog Cluj

Sep 04, 2019  18:15
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar


In vino veritas. Wine is “win” with an “e” at the end. Radu, our speaker, codes with wine and sometimes he adds it to his career story.

Think of Growth Hacking methodology as the fine-tuning tool with the same massive impact on market-share progress like Lean Start-Up for product development and Scrum for rapid productivity.

Radu, a Growth Hacker shining in front-end development has decided to share his growth hacking strategy to the outer world, being assisted by François Silvain, Coravin’s IT Vice-President. He will be packed with the following questions in his agenda: 
1. What is Growth Hacking methodology?
2. Why should you use it?
3. Who is in charge of what?
4. HG in real life;
5. The challenges for the team;
6. What did/didn’t work.

Want to learn about the art of wine? Seize the Growth Hacking! 

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