GUI Versus CLI: Choose Smartly | Pentalog Hanoi

Sep 26, 2019  5:30
Hanoi | Webinar


Performance, security, flexibility and unrestrained software version control are undoubtedly delivered by Git. Anyway, its storage and procedural mechanisms are different from other systems despite the user interface similarities. Among its main priorities, source code integrity is clearly the most distinguishable.

There’s no room for elusive talk among pragmatic programmers. In the modern world of software development, technicalities target the core process from a top-down perspective. Git enjoys large community support and a wide user base. Many graphical interfaces tools for Git have changed, including GUI and CLI. Our Vietnamese expertise is built to include:
  • An overview of GUI versus CLI;
  • Pros and cons for GUI and CLI for GIT;
  • A short list of GIT clients;
  • Q & A session.

NGUYEN Tien Dung Aka Dung Saga, a senior Front-End Developer in Pentalog Hanoi family, will have a quick browse through the multiple Git perspectives, sharing his experience. Geek talk time! Let’s get it started!

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