How Agile Can Help You Reach Happiness Roadshow in Romania and Moldova powered by Pentalog and SkillValue

Sep 11, 2019  18:15
Brasov | Chisinau | Iasi | Webinar


It’s not about how fit you are. It’s about how you play and how coachable your mind decides to be. To be different is a piece of cake but how difficult is it to get better?

A shared synergy builder, a value seeker and efficiency innovator within various business environments, Vlad Georgescu has dedicated quite a while to promote flexibility and individual empowerment. A strong interface between higher management and development teams, Vlad is one of Pentalog’s proficient Kanban Masters and Project Directors, aiming to help the company form a team of senior DevOps engineers and Solution Architects to ensure trendsetting infrastructure solutions for clients and a healthy mindset for the team members.

Why should you try Agile? Because it’s a change of attitude with the same focus! You, your team and the product’s quality! Transform the simple “why” into “why not”! Where?

  1. Iasi – September 11th;
  2. Chisinau – September 12th;
  3. Brasov – September 19th.

Let’s get to-the point:
  1. Intro – Why this presentation?
  2. What is Agile? Is it Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, TDD, etc?
  3. Why Agile? Does it work?
  4. How can we be Agile?
  5. They did it – here’s how!
  6. Q & A session.

You have the Agile power! Make IT work now!  

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