How to Boost Your MongoDB Performance // Webinar Pentalog

Dec 04, 2018  17:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Hanoi | Iasi | Webinar


Join our MongoDB webinar on December the 4th to learn more about how to boost database performance.

When: Paris 4pm // New York (EDT) 10am // London (BST) 3pm // Bucharest 5pm // Guadalajara 9am //

Why MongoDB:

MongoDB is a widely used technology that caters to a variety of uses with impressive results like implementing an e-commerce product catalog, content management apps, real-time analytics & high-speed logging solutions, mobile & social network websites, etc. (If Facebook were to start their business today, they would probably consider using MongoDB.)

MongoDB is a fast NoSQL database that provides high performance, high availability and automatic scaling. MongoDB is extremely simple to install and run.

What you will learn:

  • We will dig into different performance use cases for standalone and distributed systems with MongoDB
  • You will see different types of indexes supported by this database
  • You will definitely check out several techniques of optimizing CRUD operations

About the speaker

Alexei Panin is a multi-talented Agile practitioner and a true IT enthusiast looking to improve and simplify processes through the use of new technologies.

He started his career in 2008 as Full-Stack Developer, and then followed the management path, first as Team Leader, then Scrum Master, and currently as Project Director.

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