Introduction to Neural Networks | Meetup Chisinau

Sep 20, 2018  18:50
Chisinau | Webinar



On September 20th, starting with 18:50, we’ll host a new meetup event: Introduction to Neural Networks.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Basic theoretical information about possible programmatic models of artificial neurons.

  • A comprehensive case study will be provided for a single artificial neuron designed in Python used in a binary classification application.

  • Larger structures of neural networks will be discussed in preparation for the following sessions.

If you want to learn how artificial neurons are created for Deep Learning applications join us! No prior knowledge about Python is required.

This event will be hosted by Cristian, a Software Developer in Pentalog. He works with automation in Java and C# and has a PhD in Adaptive Algorithms. Cristian is also an assistant professor at the Politehnica University, in Bucharest.

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