IoT Apps: Getting started with ESP32 (Arduino Analog) // Webinar Pentalog

Feb 12, 2019  17:00
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Hanoi | Iasi | Webinar


On February 12th we’ll host a new webinar about IoT apps.

When: Paris 4pm // London 3pm // Bucharest 5pm // New York 10am // Guadalajara 9am

Join this tech webinar if you want to build IoT apps with ESP32 development kit (Arduino Analog) or just want to learn more on this field.

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Alexandr Macarov is a Senior PHP Developer at Pentalog, where he has been working on various enterprise-level projects based on Symfony. Although his main field of expertise is PHP, electronics, integrated circuits and microcontrollers have always fascinated him. His tech stack is also seasoned with knowledge of Python, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js and a bit of C/C++.

What’s in it for you:

  • 100% practical guide to help you build IoT apps with ESP32.

  • Every section of the presentation will be accompanied by live demonstrations and examples.

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