JavaScript Sucks: 20+ Years of Work in Progress

Aug 22, 2019  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

PENTALOG_PentaBar#50Brasov_EN_01_879x374px JavaScript has changed the digital patterns. It’s like a hairy wizard bringing salvation through complexity and, yet, challenges of its own. Though misunderstood by many programmers, it is still widely used by an incredible number of high-profile apps. Who uses JavaScript? A true master of language! This event is ruled by two, actually. Former entertainers within the JAX Conference in May, Andrei and Elod, will be packed with fun and:
    1. an overview of JS actual state as the elevator pitch;
    2. horror stories about JavaScript;
    3. a small glimmer of hope regarding where JavaScript is heading.
They have their own JS tales but they know that sharing is caring. They bring utility in writing reliable code to a new level and they like to brag about their 15-year long work. There is always room for a new member in their JavaScript experience so let’s get the Meetup started!

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