JS Sucks – 20 Years of Work in Progress

May 09, 2019  18:15
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar


Since its inception, JavaScript has shown to be one of the strangest languages to have been invented. Over several decades it has gone through many iterations with features being added but rarely, or rather never, removed or changed.

Prior to be cursed in London, JS will first suck in PentalogCluj, where two “edgy kids” decided to rock the floor with a promiscuous yet free of charge presentation about:

  • an overview of JS actual state as the elevator pitch;

  • JS “catchy” and built-in issues and solutions;

  • pro & cons for all frameworks.

Andrei and Elod are both wise developers, skilled in educating the curious minds in web development and app architecture. They will attempt to shine some light on some of the worst offenders in the current JavaScript ecosystem, as well as sharing anecdotal stories on how things may be in a better JS universe.

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