Lessons Learned from Broken Scrums. And How to Fix Them. // Meetup Brasov

Oct 25, 2018  18:15
Brasov | Webinar


Join us on October 25th, at 18:15, for an intense knowledge sharing session called “Lessons Learned From Broken Scrums. And How To Fix Them”. This PentaBAR event will take place in our Brasov office.

If you are an IT professional who has already been part of a Scrum team or you are looking to adopt the Agile way of thinking, you are welcome to join this knowledge sharing session.

Vasile Putina, CTO Pentalog & Agile Coach, will host this meetup. Vasile assists clients and their technical teams with the implementation of new methods to help them become more agile. He also designs custom training programs to help IT development teams improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, process alignment, quality and more.

Here is the agenda of the day:

The product vision is defined in such way that even the Product Owner does not believe in it. The team has many unfinished PBIs at the end of each Sprint. Technical debt is growing. There is no visibility on the progress. The team is overburdened. Despite considerable effort, the product is not bringing the expected value.

When the Scrum organization is failing to meet its purpose and the team is no longer able to achieve its goals, it’s time to take action. Let’s discuss together about how to react in such situations.

Save your seat in advance! We’ll provide snacks and beer!

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