Meetup Chisinau // Building a Clean Code You Won’t Curse Tomorrow

Sep 21, 2017  18:45
Chisinau | Webinar

Meetup Chisinau

Pentalog’s next afterwork meetup in Chisinau will be dedicated to the “Clean Code and “IntelliJ IDEA”.

Roman F. will speak about the “Clean Code”:

Many people can write a code which works, some of them can write a code which works effectively and a small part of them can write a readable and clean code which works effectively.

How often do you have to review your code written one month or one year ago? How often do you work with legacy code? Is it simple? How much time is taken for your integration into a project?

A huge part of these issues can be fixed by writing a better code. A code that can tell you by itself what is going on. A code which bring pleasure to you and your colleagues. The clean code!

Victor G. will speak about “Intellij IDEA – Tips and tricks”:

If you want to become a real pro Java programmer, you must know the possibilities and features offered by your IDE. This presentation is intended to raise up your productivity using IntelliJ IDEA.

The agenda:

  • 18:45 Welcome & networking
  • 19:00 Clean code. Speaker: Roman F.
  • 19:30 Intellij IDEA – Tips and tricks. Speaker: Victor G.
  • 20:00 Networking, beer and snacks.

The meetup is open and free for everybody. We have limited spots, though. So, please RSVP to book your spot.

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