Python Development – Tools, Frameworks and Trends

Mar 02, 2017  6:30 PM
Iasi | Webinar

Python meetup @ Pentalog Iasi

In the recent years, Python has emerged as a powerful programming language and has gained popularity due to its efficiency and the ability to build almost anything by taking advantage of its complex functionalities. Being highly scalable and reliable, Python has made quite a stir in the IT community, and based on how things have evolved, it seems likely to maintain its position for a long period of time. In that regard, our PentaTeam in Iasi is organizing a meetup dedicated to the latest trends in Python Development on March 2nd, starting 6:30 PM! Everyone interested in or already using Python is invited to attend and participate in an interesting discussion about Python tools, frameworks and the direction which this highly appreciated programming language is set to take in 2017!

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