Mobile Meetup | The Benefits of Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation

Apr 19, 2018  18:00
Iasi | Webinar


Join us on April 19th at our mobile meetup in Iasi!

This PentaBAR event will take a closer look into Mobile First Trend and explain the benefits of Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation.

This mobile event will deliver key points in building a successful application and take a peek into the future of mobile.

We will try to answer the following questions:

  • Is mobile the answer to pretty much everything?
  • What makes an app successful?
  • Why should we stay up to date with the latest evolutions of mobile?
  • How much can a team of developers contribute to the success of an application?

Discover more about the latest progress in Artificial Intelligence, IoT and AR with our experienced Technical Lead, Marian Gociman.

Marian has been an Android Developer since 2012. After joining Pentalog, in 2016, Marian faced many challenges and his responsibilities as a Technical Android Leader are to raise the awareness on different Android related subjects through knowledge sharing, accompany the fresh starting projects and ensure the quality of the apps.

“I think mobile it’s one of the most interesting technology. This presentation tries shred some light on what it’s the Mobile First concept and why we should think of starting with mobile when building our ideas into business . Also keeping up to date with the latest achievements. Did you know that the latest Google photo’s app uses AI to recognize your pets? Not only does it group the photos of the same pet together but it allows you to search for a specific pet by it’s name or breed.”, says Marian.

Please book your seat in advance at our mobile meetup in Iasi! Spots are limited!

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