NodeJS Events in Romania & Moldova powered by Pentalog & SkillValue

Apr 19, 2018  18:30
Brasov | Bucuresti | Chisinau | Cluj-Napoca | Iasi | Webinar


Learn how to write your own microservices with NodeJS at our dedicated events in Romania and Moldova!

One of our top Software Developers, Alexandru Olaru, will be visiting Pentalog’s delivery centers in Romania and Moldova (Brasov, Bucuresti, Iasi, Cluj, Chisinau) to share his experience with NodeJS.

So, don’t miss “Microservices in NodeJS and Other Fantastic Tales”!

This series of events will focus on the practices that truly drove NodeJS projects at Pentalog while also drawing from stories of failure that ended up being invaluable sources of experience.

Given the fact that NodeJS is relatively young but extremely popular, developers tend to use it as the “golden hammer” for all situations. But, it can fire back extremely quickly as Alexandru will present more scenarios where NodeJS is suboptimal, and some mitigations techniques.

Here are some of the things you will discover if you join our NodeJS events:

  • A NodeJS Lovestory
  • When NodeJS is Godlike
  • Where NodeJS Falls Short
  • Alexandru’s Experience with Microservices & NodeJS
  • Best Practices & Minor Missteps from Pentalog Projects
  • Short Demo / Live Coding
  • Q&A Session

Sign up for one of our events to learn more about NodeJS, a popular open-source server framework thought to overtake Java by the end of 2018 in terms of users:

  1. Chisinau: April 19th
  2. Cluj: April 26th
  3. Iasi: April 27th
  4. Brasov: May 10th
  5. Bucharest: May 11th

About the speaker

Alexandru Olaru is a Software Developer in Pentalog, passionate about web technologies, an advocate for creating solid architecture, enthralled with JavaScript, NodeJS and the latest paradigms of the webiverse. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him engrossed in some book on Psychology or finance, or business. Alexandru has been part of our pentateam for 5 years and has gained much appreciated international IT experience.

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