PentaBAR #13 // Early signs of a Scrum team fiasco

Feb 02, 2017  6:15 PM
Brasov | Webinar| Posted by Alexandra Ciubotea

PentBAR #13: Unity coding & Digital music

We’re kicking off 2017 with another PentaBAR Meetup in Brasov! This time, we have invited Vasile Putina, Agile Coach and Coordinator of Pentalog’s Agile Transformation Program, to tell us about his experience of working in an agile team, the challenges he had to overcome and the solutions he came up with. When the team is overburdened, there is no visibility on the progress and the product is not bringing the expected value, we are talking about “a scrum team fiasco”. Join our interactive talk on Thursday, February 2nd, share your own experience with Agile/Scrum, and let’s discover together how we can approach these situations!

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