PentaBAR #18 // Apache Sling & Oak – Accessing the Next Generation JCR

Apr 20, 2017  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

PentBAR #18 at Pentalog Brasov: Apache Sling & Oak

On April 20th, we have the honor to welcome Miklós Csere, Software Engineer and Barcelona JUG Member, at #PentaBAR #18 in Brasov! The topic of his presentation will be: Apache Sling & Oak // Accessing the Next Generation Java Content Repository. We are aiming for a practical presentation, focused on those aspects of enterprise java systems that deal with Web Content Management and in which the complexity of the different types of pages served, the need for performance, modularization, the multinational and multilingual rollout are key factors of success.

The talk will contain examples of how to use the Sling Out of The Box approach to obtain a REST API and how the mapping of each resource to an internal flexible representation is done. It explains how scripts are resolved as part of the request (using selectors and extensions) and what extra benefits there are to ease development, for example: how to leverage inheritance in certain content hierarchies or modularize implementations using OSGI.

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