PentaBar #19 Brasov // Software quality in Agile projects

May 18, 2017  18:15
Brasov | Webinar

PenatBAR #19 Brasov: Software quality in Agile projects

Agile is a trendy topic these days. That’s why we thought to give you something extra: a debate on quality in Agile projects. Two of Pentalog’s Brasov most experienced QA Scrum Masters, Sabin and Ecaterina, will share their knowledge about using bug reports as key process indicators and how testing, as a process, has developed in the agile mindset and SCRUM framework.

Sounds interesting to you? Then, join PentaBAR #19 in Brasov, on May 18th! We invite you to have a second look on Agile manifesto and redefine together the content and expectation of quality from agile perspective.

Our colleagues prepared two presentations: the first one, “Silence of the bug report”, will show you ways to avoid raising bugs that would damage your projects and the second, “Redefine quality in agile environments”, will focus on Quality Assurance in today’s software development industry where responsibilities and roles transcend the old school job descriptions.

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