PentaBAR #2 Iasi // Customer Engagement

How to understand the customer through emotional intelligence

Jul 13, 2017  18:00
Iasi | Webinar

Event PentaBAR #2 Iasi Customer Engagement

The world is full of means of communication. People talk, write, share pictures, but do they take relevant actions when they try to send a proper and clear message?

When it comes to business, do you think it is important to know how to speak and what to say so that your message has impact? Do you think that the way you approach a certain topic could make customers/clients love you or hate you?

Communication matters a lot! A skillful client service is very helpful in every company. But you might be interested in this topic if you work on the IT field, as well, so Project Managers, Team Leaders, Scrum Masters, join us!

Participate at our Customer Engagement workshop during PentaBAR #2 #Iasi to learn more about customer loyalty and ways to increase it, how to overcome barriers in communication, how to become more assertive and how to improve customer acquisition for your business.

Meet us July 13th on Chiurchi Street 126-128, Iasi! Beer might be involved!

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