PentaBAR# 3 //The Servant Leader

Aug 03, 2017  18:00
Iasi | Webinar

PentaBAR 3 Iasi The Servant Leader

Find out what is your leadership style or what kind of leader you want to become by joining our PentaBAR #3 event in Iasi. Georgiana, Pentalog’s Product Owner, will lead the talk and everyone is welcome to join the discussion.

You will learn about the servant leadership philosophy and practices and you will understand why the Scrum Master is a servant leader in his relationship with the product owner, team, and organization. You will be able to see the advantages of this type of leadership and the vast sectors it affects by empowering the staff to get better performance.

PentaBAR is on event for all IT enthusiasts! To book your seat, you just have to register.

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