PentaBAR #8 Cluj // The DataScience behind AI predictive services with AzureML

Sep 13, 2018  18:15
Cluj-Napoca | Webinar

 PENTALOG_PentaBar-Cluj08Cornel Fatulescu, Pentalog’s CTO, will host a new PentaBAR event in Cluj on September 13th.He will talk about the data science and the steps behind predictive services powered by artificial intelligence. The hands on exercise will walk you through designing, testing, deploying and consume an AI model with AzureML.The agenda of the event is:

Introduction to data science

  • What does Data Science mean?
  • How does a Data Science project look like (process/macro steps)?
  • What are the roles and skills in Data Science projects?

Demo “predicting flights delay” with AzureML

  • Exploring and cleaning data
  • Choose an algorithm to train a model
  • Test the model
  • Evaluate models
  • Deploy in production
Join us! We have cold beer & cookies!

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