PentaBAR #8: Cities are innovation platforms

Oct 20, 2016  18:15
Brasov | Internal Event


Don’t miss PentaBar #8, a fun and engaging event organised by Pentalog, where you will meet passionate developers, digital professionals and just about everything you can think of when it comes to working together for developing a better city.

Get ready to be challenged! You will have to come up with a solution to a Smart City related problem in 45 minutes. Don’t forget to bring your laptop! The fun is on us!

The subject will be tackled by Marius Istrate, a former developer, product manager and account manager within Pentalog, and currently CEO of SkillValue (ex People Centric). The event will take place at Bd. Garii 13A, Cladirea Nine, 9th floor, Brasov. See you there!


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