Start your A.I. journey with AWS | Pentalog Brasov

Oct 24, 2019  17:50
Brasov | Webinar| Posted by Skill Value


Do you want to start your A.I journey with AWS? Dragos Madarasan (AWS’ own Solution Architect for Romania) and Catalin Dumitras (Principal Cloud Architect from Pentalog) will deliver a presentation & a demo session on how to do it.


1. Using Image recognition and other AWS AI services in your application by Dragos Madarasan

Why should you join?
Artificial Intelligence services on the AWS cloud bring machine learning technologies such as image recognition and computer vision within reach of every developer. In this session, you will be introduced to AWS AI services for developers and learn how to use Amazon Rekognition, to add new capabilities to your applications.


2. Getting the best social media images with AWS and Artificial Intelligence by Catalin Dumitras

Why should you save a seat?
We’ve all heard how A.I. helps businesses, but what can A.I. do for you today? How about improving your social media profiles by making your images even cooler? (hard job, we know)

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